Frequently Asked Questions

If so, Smith Metal Products (SMP) may be able to save you money by utilizing the Metal Injection Molding (MIM) technology as compared to CNC machined Components.

SMP is often times able to provide small metal parts for considerably less cost vs. machining.

SMP may be able to reduce your over-all costs by “MIM”ing near net or finished geometry parts. SMP also has finish machining capabilities, so the choice is yours to finish machine them to your final dimensions, or let SMP take care of the entire process.

SMP offers all of these services through our network of sub-suppliers as well as in-house finish machining.

SMP has ISO 9001:2015, ISO-13485, ITAR, and FFL certifications. If there is a specific certification you need that we do not have, we can look into adding it to our growing list.

SMP may be able to save you HUNDRED$ of THOUSAND$ of DOLLAR$ in Capital Expenditure, Technical Staff Salaries, and keep your floorspace and headcount needs down. Send your finished part designs to SMP to provide a FREE Design For Manufacturability assessment to see if we can help reduce your spend by utilizing the MIM Technology. In addition, you only order parts when you need them, so these expensive machines and highly skilled people are not costing you money when you don’t need more parts.

SMP is located in Minnesota, less than an hour from the MSP airport in the United States. We are shipping parts all over the USA within a few days. We’re speaking your language! We provide marked-up drawings and have project review meetings with you prior to launch to clearly let you know what to expect and work out any potential issues up-front! You can also proudly include MADE IN THE USA! on your products.

SMP can work with you to assemble and package your products and ship them to your warehouse or marketing partner.

Request a quote, Part Evaluation, or call us today at 651-257-3143.