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3D Binder-Jet Metal Printing Prototypes

Medical Biopsy Forceps, Graspers and Instrument Handles Are Ideal Candidates For Bridge To MIM Starting With 3D Binder-Jet Metal Printing Prototypes.

Medical designers are looking for streamlined processes and to reduce time-to-market and are now able to verify a product before committing to expensive mold design and building. Smith Metal Products advanced 3D Binder-Jet Metal Printing additive production system is cost-effective alternative to building test molds or CNC machining prototype parts.

Smith Metal binder jetting

The Next New Capability: Binder Jetting Follows in Footsteps of Metal Injection Molding.

For Smith Metal Products, additive manufacturing helps MIM customers finalize the design, but production opportunities are waiting.

Additive Manufacturing Magazine | Interview by Peter Zelinski

Federal Firearms License

Smith Metal Products Receives Federal Firearms License (FFL) For Performing Sub-Contracting Services Using MIM Molding Capabilities In Production Of Military, Defense And Firearm Components.

Smith Metal Products has announced it has received the Federal Firearms License (FFL) and adds to its other accreditations that include ISO 13485, ITAR and ISO 9001:2015. This reinforces our quality commitment to producing components with unbeatable levels of precision, strength, and durability, at competitive prices” stated Jim Beyer, Sales Manager at Smith Metal Products.

metal injection molding cost advantage

The MIM Advantage Versus Titanium or Inconel Parts Requiring 50% Or More Of the Material To Be Removed

Smith Metal Products has announced its Metal Injection Molding cost advantage over costly high-performance metals requiring significant machining to achieve the final part geometry. “When Titanium, Inconel or other expensive metals in bar, rod or blocks require substantial hog-outs or hollow-outs, a sintered MIM part may cost less than the raw material alone prior to machining”, stated Todd Jensen, General Manager at Smith Metal Products.

extending mim net shape parts

Smith Metal Products Announces Expanded Machining Capabilities For Extending MIM Net Shape Parts To Include Fine Tolerances, A “MIM Hybrid Solution”.

Smith Metal Products adds CNC lathe to in-house machining capabilities making Smith one of the largest MIM molders with significantly more CNC machines and advanced secondary processing capabilities in the USA. Smith Metal’s machining capabilities include CNC 5 axis machining, CNC turning, coining, laser etching/engraving now with 12 in-house machine tools, CNC machinists and CNC programmers. Smith also has established external sources for polishing, lapping, grinding, and EDM wire cutting.

3D Binder-jet Metal Printing For Quick-turn Prototype MIM-Like Parts

Smith Metal Products Announces 3D Binder-jet Metal Printing For Quick-turn Prototype MIM-Like Parts

Smith Metal Products adds quick-turn 3D Binder-Jet Metal Printing parts for customers to evaluate and verify their product run utilizing a MIM-like process without the cost of building a test mold. Now manufacturers can easily see, touch and evaluate comparable prototype MIM-like parts produced on Smith Metals advanced 3D Binder-Jet Metal Printing additive production system.

Precisely Manufactured Critical Components

Small Electronic Components Are Precisely Manufactured Using Smith Metals MIM Processes – Net Shaped Completed Parts Need Little Or No Secondary Operations

Smith Metal Products specializes in metal injection molding (MIM) of soft metal alloys and an array of other metals for small electronic and electrical components.

Ideal for the fast-changing needs of the telecom and electronic markets, Smith Metal Products MIM processes utilize the latest technology that are built around an automated production process. Parts begin when metal powder is suspended in a binder or feed stock which is then injection molded into a tool. The part then goes through a debinding and sintering process to form a full dense metal part. The result are parts that are very precise, net-shaped and can be produced faster than machining and usually with no secondary operations.

Critical Components In Grasping Forceps Precisely Manufactured

Critical Components In Grasping Forceps Precisely Manufactured Using Smith Metals MIM Process — Eliminates Need For Costly Machining

Pivot point components provide natural dexterity in grasping forceps, retractors, needle drivers and similar advanced medical instruments. These critical pivot point components are precisely manufactured using the metal injection molding process (MIM) provided by Smith Metal Products.

The pivot points pictured measure 0.50″ x 0.1875″ x 0.25″ and have tolerances of ±0.0015″. Part features included undercuts, parallel holes and perpendicular shafts – all produced accurately with Smith MIM process. These net shaped MIM produced components required no machining saving both material and machine time.

Titanium MIM Molding

Smith Metal Products Adds Titanium Metal Injection Molding (TiMIM) To Its MIM Capabilities

Smith Metal Products adds Titanium Metal Injection Molding (TiMIM) capabilities to its MIM portfolio of materials that include stainless steels, alloys and ceramics.

TiMIM involves mixing powdered Titanium metal with a binder material to compose a feedstock capable of being handled by injection molding equipment. Metal injection molding allows complex Titanium parts to be shaped with precision in a single operation and in high volume as compared to traditional Titanium machined metal components.

Using Outsourced MIM Part Production For Firearms, Weaponry And Defense Components

Using Outsourced MIM Part Production For Firearms, Weaponry And Defense Components Is Less Costly Than Buying And Operating A Machining Center In-House

When does it make more sense to use outsourced MIM part production than to buy and operate a machining center and do the work in-house? MIM is metal injection molding. It is an alternative process instead of machining parts out of raw metal stock. Many original equipment manufacturers of firearms and defense products are mandating that their part suppliers outsource to secure price advantages while maintaining strict quality requirements.

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