Smith Metal Products Capabilities

Metal Injection Molding

MIM Molding Process

Making high quality parts that others say can’t be done is where Smith Metal Products outperforms other sources. Our MIM capabilities are a turnkey program that includes: Design for Manufacturability, management, sourcing, manufacturing, value-added secondary processing, to point-of-purchase packaging.

Smith Metal Products MIM Molding processes are built around the BASF Catamold production process and equipment. As with all MIM processes, your parts begin when metal powder is suspended in a binder or feed stock which is then injection molded into a tool. The part then goes through a debinding and sintering process to form a full dense metal part. Learn more about MIM in our complete design guide.

For a complete understanding of the benefits of MIM, we have compiled and in-depth design guide to provide valuable insight. Visit the MIM Details section on our website or download a version for off-line reading.

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