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Advantages of Metal Injection Molding

Smith Metal Products produces a wide range of high-performance, complex-shaped components that require little or no machining with our MIM process. Because of the high final density, MIM products have properties that are equivalent to those gained with other fabrication routes.

Our processes allow material flexibility in that the same equipment can be used to produce metals and ceramics.

  • Steels: stainless steels, alloys, titanium
  • Ceramics: alumina, zirconia

Some secondary benefits of MIM include high equipment productivity, high material utilization, good surface finish, and good tolerances. MIM also can eliminate some forms of machining such as: internal threads, external threads, serrations, waffle patterns, identification numbering, insignias, stratified pores

  • MIM provides a means to form large production quantities. Some components are produced at rates exceeding 200,000 per day. On the other hand, small production runs are possible, with as few as 5,000 parts per year.
  • MIM is cost advantageous for complex shapes when compared with options such as machining, casting, or forging. This advantage comes from the elimination of manufacturing steps. Also, the process has little material loss, a point especially important for costly raw materials such as refractory metals, titanium, and superalloys.

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