Smith Metal Products Capabilities

MIM Materials

The materials listed below are Smith Metal Products core material competencies and currently developed and production ready for the MIM Injection Molding Process.

If you don’t see your specified material, please contact us, as we are always expanding the materials list.

Low-alloyed Steels
FN02 case hardening
FN0205 hardenable
4605 hardenable
FN08 both
8620 case hardening
8740 hardenable
4140 hardenable
100Cr6 hardenable
1010 case hardening
Stainless Steels
316L non-magnetic
17-4PH hardenable
420 hardenable
430 ferromagnetic
440 hardenable
304 non-magnetic
Ti non-magnetic, inert
AOF ceramic, alumina
Soft Magnetic

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