Smith Metal Products Capabilities

MIM Part Criteria

Understanding which parts fit the MIM process is essential for achieving high quality components at the right price. Smith Metal Products is committed to helping you understand and utilize MIM where it best fits in metal parts manufacturing

Smith Metal Products produces MIM parts within the parameters:

  • OD as small as 0.060″
  • ID as small as 0.010″
  • Minimum wall thickness of 0.010″ for a limited distance.
  • Lengths up to 3 inches by 0.25″ inches thick.
  • Tolerance capabilities of ±0.005″ inch per linear inch down to ±0.001″ on features of 0.200″ or less.

To see if your parts a right for MIM, we have compiled a series of design principles which cover:

  • Recognizing Good Candidate Parts
  • Component Surface Finish
  • Component Size Range
  • Mass Range

View our comprehensive Design Guide for complete MIM design guidelines.

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