Appliance Industry

Appliance manufacturers are discovering the many advantages of Metal Injection Molding (MIM). Compared to machined and cast parts, MIM parts usually cost far less per unit, offers greater design flexibility, is a much faster process in large quantities and provides precise and highly repeatable quality. By partnering with Smith Metal, you are entrusted to industry leading experts that have served the MIM field since 1996. Smith Metal Products provides complete one-stop solutions for your most demanding appliance product needs.

Appliance Product Solutions

MIM materials are ideal for appliance applications. They include various grades of tool steel, stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, ceramics and many others.

MIM provides benefits for a large range of possible appliance related components including valves and valve lifters, connectors, locks, hinges, handles, supports, gears and many other appliance components. MIM often provides an option for molding multiple parts efficiently into a single more cost effective assembly.

Our MIM manufacturing experts create precise parts fast. Smith Metal utilizes the BASF/Catamold® production system and has over 65,000 square feet of state-of-the-art capacity. With complete “Part Program Management”, Smith Metal has extensive industry expertise. This includes complete process engineering, designing and implementing automation, quality assurance, assembly, packaging, product fulfillment and distribution.

Send us your CAD File or part drawings and we’ll give you an appraisal of the viability of MIM molding for your new or existing project.

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MIM Appliance Parts

Smith Metal Products produces MIM parts from ID as small as 0.010″ and OD as small as 0.060″ up to lengths of 3.00″ by 0.25″ thicknesses.

MIM Appliance Product Solutions

MIM parts provide cosmetic appeal and have the necessary strength required by the application. Shown is a handle made from stainless steel.

appliance industry MIM parts

Electronic components can be great MIM candidates with excellent mechanical properties such as micro-switches, connectors, solenoids, heat sinks, optic connectors and distribution frames.

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