Automotive Industry

The automotive industry demands parts with high performance and even higher reliability at a competitive cost, and Smith Metal Products is here to meet this challenge. We are geared up and ready to be your global supplier for your critical MIM parts for the automotive industry in a wide variety of vehicle safety, fuel system, powertrain and interior applications. We can easily produce your MIM parts with complex shapes, superior strength, and excellent surface finish. Smith has developed extensive manufacturing capabilities that services these needs, including expansive facilities to capably manage the large volume MIM needs for automotive OEM’s.

Automotive Product Solutions

Our experienced staff can help you design your components for manufacturability. Automotive components includes:

Electrical Systems – Connectors, heat sinks, etc.
Fuel Systems – Armatures, housings, injector nozzles
Interior Systems – Buttons, cosmetic products, handles, levers, seating mechanisms
Powertrain – Hydraulic spools, rocker arms, turbocharger vanes and components
Safety Systems – Braking & ABS components, seat belt mechanisms, Sensor housings

Our MIM manufacturing experts create precise parts fast. Smith utilizes the BASF/Catamold® production system, and has over 65,000 feet of state-of-the-art capacity. And with complete “Part Program Management” Smith Metal Products has extensive industry expertise. This includes complete process engineering, designing and implementing automation, quality assurance, assembly, packaging and product fulfillment and distribution.

Send us your CAD File or Drawings and we’ll give you an appraisal of the viability of MIM molding for your new or existing project.

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