MIM Details: Material Properties

Material Properties

Contrast and Comparison of Properties

In most cases MIM products are fairly close to the strength and hardness of their wrought counterparts, and in some cases are even stronger. The composition, density, elastic modulus, and similar attributes are pretty much as found via other manufacturing routes. For example, the tensile properties of wrought and MIM Inconel 718 superalloy compare as follows:

Wrought typical yield strength = 760 MPa (110 ksi)
MIM typical yield strength = 1055 MPa (153 ksi)

Likewise the MIM ultimate tensile strength and elongation to fracture were attractive when compared to wrought materials. Indeed, the MIM elongation was nearly 6-fold the specified minimum for wrought material. In other property comparisons, such as magnetic, optical, corrosion, biocompatibility, elastic, or inertial properties, a similar observation holds – MIM products are essentially equivalent to handbook compilations. There are a few exceptions in fracture toughness, so for situations where impact or crack propagation are a concern it is advised appropriate testing be conducted.

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