MIM Details: MIM Costs

MIM Costs

Component Costing

The cost for producing a MIM component depends on the material and several other variables, including the production quantity, equipment, technology, and labor rates. Component costing usually starts with the raw material cost, and popular stainless steel alloys are very favorable in this regard. After that the time in each manufacturing step is critical, since cost accumulates based on time. This makes MIM most attractive for thinner walled structures that can pass through production quickly.

Across the MIM industry there is considerable variation in costs, markets, and production approaches. However, surveys show that most of the successes are priced near $1 per part, but range from a low of $0.15 to $400 per part. Surveys show the typical MIM component sells for about $133 per kg. However, smaller 0.1 g components are valued closer to $600 per kg.

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