Firearms Industry

Smith Metal Products is an ideal MIM parts manufacturer for the firearms/gun industry. Our metal injection molding (MIM) capabilities lend themselves to the intricate and precision features commonly sought after by today’s gun and weapon manufacturers. Partnering with Smith, your firearms MIM parts are entrusted to industry experts that have served the MIM field since 1996.

Firearms Product Solutions

Our experience producing many components for the firearms industry including: Triggers, fire suppression, magazine catch, cam block and rear rail. Our MIM manufacturing experts will create your precision parts. Smith utilizes the BASF/Catamold® production system, and has 65,000 feet of state-of-the-art capacity.

Part Program Management. Smith Metal Products has developed industry expertise on MIM parts and includes complete process engineering, designing and implementing automation, quality assurance, assembly, packaging and product fulfillment and distribution.

Send us your CAD File or Drawings and we’ll give you an appraisal of the viability and Design for Manufacturability of MIM molding for your new or existing project.

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