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automotive metal injection molding

Automotive Metal Injection Molding Explained

For high-volume, high-precision needs of many automotive applications, metal injection molding (MIM) is a growing, though largely overlooked, process that could result in significant cost savings.

Electronic components can be great MIM candidates

Metal Injection Molding Of Titanium And Stainless Steel Provides Cost And Quality Advantages For Today’s Aircraft Manufacturers

Advanced aerospace materials using the metal injection molding (MIM) method are providing an alternative, and often better processing method than casting and machining. Important, smaller aerospace components that never make headlines in aerospace manufacturing are candidates for cost savings, weight savings, durability improvements and even enhanced cosmetic appearance using the MIM process.

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Discovering Metal Injection Molding

Discovering Metal Injection Molding (MIM) For New Appliance Design Applications

Attention appliance designers – a smart material option is creating new possibilities for appliance component manufacturing. It’s a material process often overlooked in the appliance industry but offers many metal options, has intricate and complex design opportunities with many attractive finish choices and repeatable precise quality. It conserves metal material compared to other processes, has turnaround time advantages in medium and large quantities while ensuring significant cost savings. That design option is metal injection molding (MIM).

MIM Medical

MIM Medical – The Future Is Now

Medical device designers continue to hear about the benefits of metal injection molding (MIM) to produce components and assemblies for a wide range of medical devices. This once radical method for making metal parts has medical designers increasingly becoming advocates of the MIM process because of its quality, material savings, lower costs in medium to high volumes and its design flexibility.

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